Book Cover: Steam

"What do you say to a quickie?"

Diverse, emotionally charged, and deliciously bite-sized...

Fans of Kay Simone will love Steam, a 60k collection of six standalone gay love stories with searingly sexy payoffs and happy endings. Two stories, "A Rational Man" and "An Honest Mistake," are brand new and won't be available anywhere but in the pages of Steam.

With a vast array of themes, from endearing enemies-to-lovers to scorching hot daddy kink, Steam has something to offer every reader!

*Bet Your Ass: When Rich dares Jonah to chug a bottle of hot sauce in a grocery store parking lot, Jonah knows there's only one thing that will make it worth it: the chance to tie up and top his older boyfriend. (May-December established relationship with edging and restraints. Includes light BDSM themes.)

*Red Handed: Habitual shoplifter Trent is no stranger to law enforcement, but he's never seen a rent-a-cop quite like Chester. When Chester begrudgingly busts the smug kid trying to walk through the front doors of the store with an ambitious score, Trent proposes an alternative to turning him in. Once Chester has the young shoplifter bent over his desk, he decides it's time to give Trent a punishment he'll remember--and one they'll both enjoy. (Includes light BDSM and some verbal humiliation.)

*The Duet: Barrett is unlucky in love, but at least he has his beautiful condo. It comes with great views, an ideal location, and a neighbor upstairs who plays the piano so beautifully that Barrett finds himself falling for the guy, sight unseen. When Barrett finally discovers the identity of his piano-playing crush, he's horrified to find that it's Josh: the rude neighbor that stole his mail and insulted him. Josh may not be the man Barrett pictured, but when they finally meet on new terms, he's certain he can make it up to Barrett with a little two-handed fortissimo action. (A sweet, funny enemies-to-lovers story.)

*Bets Are Off: Maybe it's a lapse in logic or maybe it's desperation that leads Logan to this spot. Wyatt has assured him that Eric's escorts are the best, but even then--a call boy? Really?
When the rude kid that shows up on Logan's doorstep is nothing like what he asked for, he's ready to pay the escort and say goodbye before he regrets the entire situation. But there's something about Henry that Logan can't quite turn away. In the end, Henry is ready to give Logan exactly what he's looking for--but he's going to make Logan wait until he's begging for it. (A hot May-December story with edging. Includes positive portrayals of sex work.)

*A Rational Man: Having multiple boyfriends sounded like a great idea in the beginning--and the reality of it for Owen was even better. But a year in, Owen suddenly finds himself left behind. Feeling like a third wheel, Owen lapses into bad habits that he thought he'd conquered years ago. When he begins to withdraw and restrict his eating, one of his boyfriends decides to prove to Owen that he loves him--and his body--by making Owen the center of attention. (Includes polyamory, body worship, and frank discussions of eating disorders.)

*An Honest Mistake: A re-imagining of the relationship between Will and Daniel from The Aftermath. After Will accidentally sexts the stranger who is set to deliver his groceries, he's mortified to find out that the man is one of his college students, Daniel. When Daniel arrives with Will's order--and the very incriminating personal text message--he shocks his professor by saying that he wants to know more. (An emotional and funny exploration of daddy kink.)

This collection contains no cliffhangers, no cheating, and plenty of hot scenes, all with happy-for-now endings. Stories range from a 5,000-word quickie to a more established 16,000 word story, but each one includes interesting characters in unexpected situations.


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