The Company We Keep

Book Cover: The Company We Keep

Dirty money. A wanted man. The deal of a lifetime.

Crime lord A.R. Carrow made billions with his gang, The Company. The seemingly-invincible, hand-picked team ruled Southern California with outrageous heists and a flare for the dramatic.

When Dustin Wrenshall asked to join The Company, Carrow should have been cautious. But something about the brash young demolitions expert and his raw desire to please made Carrow ignore every alarm bell.

From the moment Dust entered his life, Carrow wanted him.

And Carrow always got what he wanted.


Federal agent Charlie Judge knew that infiltrating The Company would be dangerous. What Charlie didn’t know was just how much he would enjoy becoming Dust Wrenshall.

He steeled himself for fear. What he found was something entirely different.

The world of The Company was nothing like Dust imagined — full, satisfying, and populated by a family of criminals that he cared for more than he thought possible.
Carrow and Dust crashed together in a wreck of chaos, lies, and lust that neither man could control. What they brought out in each other terrified them both, but the broken half-truths of their lives slotted together in a way that made perfect sense.
Dust was in love with the enemy.

Rough justice was inevitable. But when the truth was revealed, which version of him would emerge: fearless and passionate Dust Wrenshall, or the naive federal agent who saw the world in black and white?

And more importantly, armed with the truth, would Carrow allow either to survive?

(The Company We Keep is an erotic 80,000-word, plot-driven thrill ride set in urban California with a happy-for-now ending. Standalone with no cliffhangers.)


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